Being real is not being perfect.

I am Tânia Carvalho, Portuguese and with my heart divided between Lisbon and Paris. Makeup is, for me, a path that reinforces and affirms the natural style of each one of us. Being real is not being perfect.

To highlight the best we have is an act of love for ourselves, it is to reinforce self-esteem and accept who we are, entirely. I try to have that look on each person I work with, showing the natural beauty and the unique characteristics of those who come to me.

From 2001 to the present, the path has been wide. I came across many different people in the various challenges I proposed myself. Both in the 8 years that I was the official makeup artist at L’Oreal Paris, in the programs “The Voice” and “Biggest Looser”, and in the many advertising campaigns over time. In addition to television, there were numerous fashion editorials for magazines such as Elle, Vogue Portugal, Marie Claire, Vogue Spain, Máxima, and at Balmain, Givenchy and Hermès fashion shows.

Perfection does not exist. But there is the care, love and commitment that we put in our mirror image. Make-up has this function: to highlight what is unique in each one of us.